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  1. Shanghai RMB crude contract faces margin and legal hurdles

    According to a source close to the product design team, currently most of the contract's specifications and trading rules have been confirmed and all that is required is approval from the CSRC and the State Council – essentially the Chinese...

  2. Pricing and liquidity see Deutsche AWM retain ETF award

    Previously, the ETF provider had lost out on the RQFII quota for Hong Kong, since the Chinese government initially favoured locally domiciled products. The US launch tracked the CSI 300 index, which seeks to replicate the performance of 300 A-share...

  3. Google April Fools' Day Pranks 2012: 8-Bit Maps, Chrome Multitask Mode & More!

    Via this page, you'll see Google's logo and search box in Chinese floating on the surface of water above some sharks and nasty looking fish. We’re all holding our breath to find out whether any kangaroos will file privacy complaints with the...

  4. Oh What A Tangled Web They've Weaved: Wikileaks Game Card

    Real doubts within the Chinese leadership about the future of North Korea as a separate entity from South Korea. The global impact of the leaking of 250.000 US government cables (communications between US officials) has been the topic of...

  5. 31 Top Cultural Factors to Consider for International Search

    When someone tells you that there are 400 million Chinese online or that more than a billion people live in India, that can be a captivating and tempting number. Probably the most extreme and fascinating of these is Japanese, where characters are...

  6. Energy strategy remains promising for hedge funds despite its volatility

    China, Payne says, is investing in renewable energy because the Chinese government has provided financing with far lower interest rates than in the US and Europe, making long-term investment in China appealing.

  7. Asian traders lukewarm to renminbi despite US dollar-depeg

    Importers and exporters that trade with onshore Chinese companies are having second thoughts about using the renminbi to settle their trades in place of the US dollar. So, for example, if a Malaysian based exporter now chooses to use renminbio...

  8. Google's New Approach to China: A Closer Look at the Attack Heard 'Round the Web

    The unspoken implication is that the Chinese government was involved in the attacks. According to the U.S.China Economic and Security Review Commission report, released in October, the Chinese government is expanding its cyber spying operations...

  9. Making money from a macro-economic shift

    He points to the fact that the Chinese government advised citizens to invest in gold, and thinks it could be a good transactional asset.Warrender says DTAP believes it has a unique offering, sharing its research with investors.

  10. Axis of AML

    In August, Chinese police arrested 11 men, including eight Vietnamese, busting a money laundering ring alleged to have acted as an underground bank, smuggling around $1.5 billion of criminal cash abroad, mostly to Vietnam.