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  1. 10 New Media Trends Shaping the Lives of Modern Consumers @ClickZLive #CZLNY

    The all-night-long coding sessions helped change Zuckerberg's life through the creation of products like live comments during CNN election coverage and Facebook TV. A lot of the tech we're seeing is to make us get back out into our lives easily.

  2. As Goes Paid Search, So Goes the Election?

    In the wake of last month’s presidential election, we’ve heard plenty of explanatory theories and analysis dissecting every aspect of the contest, from the varying accuracy of the pre-election polls to shifting demographics and the candidates...

  3. Obama vs. Romney: Search for Next President Reveals Astonishing Facts

    An aggressive election campaign hasn’t begun just yet, and as acting president, he receives a great deal of public consideration already. The cost of the website is within the million dollar range, and most would suppose that the funds would be...

  4. You Are Not in Control – #RIMC 2012 Highlights

    Over time the algorithms at play had learned through Parisers own re-shares, likes and interactions of his own political leanings; then suddenly and close to election time he was presented only with the content that matched his own political...

  5. SOPA, PIPA On Hold, But a New Threat on Horizon

    Though this type of backlash is a politician’s worst nightmare in an election year, vested parties are none too pleased the bills didn’t pass and will continue to pressure lawmakers to enact anti-piracy legislation.

  6. GoAnimate Unveils New Political Characters and Backgrounds

    GoAnimate, which offers free web applications that enable marketers to create their own animated videos, has released of a new collection of political characters and backgrounds focused on the United States Presidential election.

  7. What Role Should the Government Play in Our (Searching) Lives?

    Last Tuesday was Election Day (I voted, I promise! This consistency of volume throughout 2010 would point toward a greater increase in government related searches (most probably driven by the recession and the heated election cycle), as well as the...

  8. Have Tea Party Candidates Read Obama Playbook on Using YouTube for Campaigns?

    Now, there is still a week to go before the election -- it's a tough economic environment and special interests as well as the candidates are spending tens of millions of dollars on TV. In Nevada, Sharron Angle is the Republican challenger running...