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  1. Google Faces New Mobile Search Monopoly Antitrust Lawsuit

    District Court for the Northern District of California, these agreements were hidden and marked to be viewed only by attorneys, and it alleged that Google is in violation of a variety of federal and state antitrust laws, including the Sherman Act...

  2. Another Loss for Viacom in Endless YouTube Copyright Legal Battle

    District Court Judge Louis Stanton has confirmed, once again, that YouTube operates well within the rules of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and therefore is protected by safe harbor. YouTube won in court in 2010, but the case was resurrected...

  3. Google Seeks Ban on iPhone, iPad in Patent Lawsuit

    District Court, and the ITC is due to make a decision on 24 August as to whether Apple infringes on a Motorola WiFi patent. Court of Appeals judge Richard Posner dismissed patent infringement claims from both Apple and Motorola in the U.S.

  4. Google Reviews Japanese Court Order Demanding Removal of Autocomplete Terms

    Tokyo District Court granted an injunction against the search giant on March 19, though the anonymous man behind the petition won’t have his way quite yet. The man’s lawyer, Hiroyuki Tomita, told Japan Times his client “decided to seek a court...

  5. Judge Orders ALL Search Engines, Social Networks to De-index Seized Websites

    A Nevada District Court case has ruled in favor of Chanel, allowing the company to take down over 800 domain names that sell counterfeit products. Some feel this judge was extending well beyond his jurisdiction for a District Court ruling by...

  6. Security and Responsibility on the Virtual Frontier

    District Court, Western District of Washington, case number 01CR00310RSL- and this information is public- call them yourself if you want) was submitted alleging that zFire (Mike Prime) had violated his conditions of supervision by:

  7. Court: Bidding on Competitor's Name OK in AdWords, adCenter

    The district court was faced with the issue of whether Network Automation's usage of ActiveBatch in AdWords was legal. Buying ads based on a competitor's name doesn't violate trademark law, a court has ruled, overturning a lawsuit over AdWords and...

  8. Homeland Security Seized Torrent Domain That Gave Same Results Google Still Does

    Homeland Security with help from ICANN has seized the domain of a torrent search site and posted a notice stating: "This domain name has been seized by ICE Homeland Security Investigations, pursuant to a seizure warrant issued by a United States...

  9. FBI Spies, Prostitution Rings, Eliot Spitzer, Yahoo!

    Magistrate Judge for the Southern District of New York for the content of the e-mail account entitled "[email protected]" used "primarily by Mark Brenner and Cecil Suwal to recruit new prostitutes for the Emperors Club.

  10. Daily SearchCast, June 27, 2006: School Upset Over Student Data In Google; Is GBuy GooglePal?; Microsoft adCenter Gets Promoted; New Travel Search Engines; The Matt Cutts Doll & More!

    Today's search podcast covers a school district's student social security numbers getting into Google; going missing on Google; Google's PayPal-like system about to launch; Microsoft promotes adCenter with advertisements and lab...

  11. ShopLocal Wins In Crawling Case Against Cairo

    Cairo, Inc.late last year in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois. ShopLocal took Cairo to court, and Cairo has now agreed not to make further "robotic or other automated" visits to

  12. Court Documents & Summary Of United States Versus Google Over Search Data

    The Government adds that if this was the case, a district court has said that these numbers would not be disclosed. The filing ends with the Government saying that, "This court should require Google to comply with the subpoena on the same terms it...