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  1. US power markets switch to nodal trading

    One of the fabulous things that the nodal markets and the forward energy markets gave us after the April 2009 launch was the ability to manage congestion in the forward market," she says. From our perspective we will never be finished; there is...

  2. Risk managers debate at Energy Risk USA conference

    In addition to Totten and Windle, the audience heard from Dan Scarbrough of CCX on environmental products and trading, as well as Peter Toomey of Iberdrola Renewables USA, who discussed developments across the US renewable energy spectrum.

  3. Turning points: Philippe Laraison, MD commodities trading, Société Générale

    When it comes to what keeps him awake at night, Laraision says potential regulatory limits to be imposed on energy derivatives by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) in the US is a major concern for all market participants in the...

  4. Shake-up ahead for financial technology

    The financial regulatory reforms proposed by US and European regulators will not only profoundly affect how energy and commodities market players trade but also how financial technology will need to develop in order to cope with these changes.

  5. Uncertainty over CFTC position limits

    However, current US legislation aimed at reforming the financial sector, if passed, could give the CFTC a legislative mandate to impose hard position limits on energy trading. Under its new chairman Gary Gensler, the US Commodity Futures Trading...

  6. Hedgers’ dilemma over exchange rules

    Bouchouev expects especially high demand for derivatives products linked to national diesel and gasoline indices published by the US Department of Energy, for example. Re-routing all but the most complex derivatives transactions on to exchanges and...

  7. CME bid sparks Nymex opposition

    The combination, announced in mid-March, would create the world's largest exchange in the cash and over-the-counter (OTC) markets, along with regulated energy, commodity and financial markets. Capozza is particularly unhappy that the deal offers no...

  8. Nymex agrees “definitive” $9.4 billion merger with CME

    The combination will create the world’s largest exchange in the cash, over-the-counter (OTC) and regulated energy, commodity and financial markets, with benchmark products in every major asset class. The combined company will provide global market...

  9. Talking 'bout an evolution

    Although the whole of the operational risk industry is talking about the SG event, Girling plays down its impact, as while it is dramatic due to its size, the failures in internal controls at the French bank are nothing new: "All the SocGen event...

  10. Oil reaches new record as gas continues to rise

    Energy Department report showed. Yet despite the Fed’s actions, further evidence that US growth is slowing was detailed in a report by the US commerce department, which said the US economy expanded at a slow 0.6% annual pace in the fourth quarter.