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Us Court Authors Guild

  1. Google Book Settlement Raises Eyebrows in Europe

    The deal that Google made with the Authors Guild and the Association of American Publishers (AAP) includes European authors who have been published in the States. As a result, the EU is commissioning a study on the affects of the settlement on...

  2. Daily SearchCast, June 6, 2006: Yahoo MyWeb Gets New Look, More Features; Google Spreadsheets Want Your Tabular Data; The ODP Rigs The Alaskan Governor Election On Google; Baidu's Kickin' Commercial

    Guild) covers the two other suits that I know of, which we've blogged about before. Association of American Publishers Sues Google over Library Digitization Plan and Google's Library Scanning Project Heads to Court (action by the Authors

  3. Upcoming Google Print Debates

    American Publishers that's suing Google, the Authors Guild, the New York Public Can't wait for the court fights over Google Print's library scanning program? AAP can't make it due to a scheduling conflict, but they gave us plenty of other...