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  1. Dealing With Onsite Duplicate Content Issues

    Apart from this, you can also send us your feedback if you have some additional information and tips to tackle the issue of duplicate content. If you think we missed out on some important tools for the detection of duplicate content, let us know by...

  2. Do Weak Links Reveal Powerful Opportunities?

    Majestic allows us to dig deeper into this information by filtering the more than 800 topics. Weak ties play a crucial role in our ability to communicate with the outside world… our friends move in the same circles we do and are inevitably exposed...

  3. Android’s New Feature Paves Way for Apps Replacing Web

    That said, I think the trends of increased mobile usage, faster data speeds, and smaller app sizing, through App Trial technology, puts us on a path where websites will be considered a secondary path to accessing information behinds apps.

  4. Elite SEM Wins Best Agency at U.S. Search Awards

    The fact that our peers voted us best of the best is very humbling, and it's nice to know we have such a great reputation in the industry," Kirshner says. Elite SEM won big in Las Vegas last night. They weren't playing craps or blackjack — well...

  5. The Evolution of SERPs and User Behaviors

    TLDR: What’s It Mean for Us? As an industry, we talk a lot about Google (and search engines in general) getting smarter, and most of the time, that should be our focus. Our job is at the mercy of search engines and as they improve, we have to...

  6. Drive Your Clicks In-Store With Local Inventory Ads

    The product is still very new and I expect to see the new features that launch over the next few quarters, which should help us measuring the impact of these campaigns at our in-store tills. Even with this knowledge, it can be difficult for us to...

  7. SEO Is No One-Trick Pony

    One very common practice for us is to set up alerts for our clients using HARO, to identify opportunities to contribute to pieces that are being published (folks seeking an expert opinion/contribution to an article that is being written).