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Url Redirection

  1. SEO Audit Findings: 4 Hidden Technical Problems That Can Send Dangerous Signals to Search Engines

    You mapped out a strong 301 redirection plan, worked with your developers on implementing that plan, and tested it thoroughly before releasing it to production. Rel=canonical should be used on pages that are duplicates (contain similar or near...

  2. SEO & Website Redesign: Relaunching Without Losing Sleep

    This can come from a myriad of reasons from coding errors, SEO unfriendly design practices, to even more disastrous practices (e.g.content duplication, URL rewriting without redirection, information architecture changes away from search engine...

  3. Mobile Marketing Session at SES New York and Mini MBA Program at Rutgers

    Google's mobile Android operating system supports the use of QR codes by natively including the barcode scanner (ZXing) on some models, and the browser supports URL redirection, which allows QR Codes to send metadata to existing applications on...

  4. Tin Foil Hat? I Have Mine On

    They may rewrite the URLs and then forget to do a redirection of the old/legacy URL to the new location/URL. Or, if they manage to remember the redirection, they may institute a 302 (temporary) redirect rather than a 301 (permanent) redirect.