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Url Normalization

  1. SEO Techniques for Large Sites: How to Maximize Product Visibility in Organic Search

    There are other ways to accomplish the same thing, via rel canonical meta tags and URL normalization and parameter handling in the Bing and Google webmaster toolsets, respectively. URL structure often presents challenges for large sites, especially...

  2. Live Search Offers Tips for Optimizing Large Sites

    The first tip he offered up was canonicalization, also known as normalization. This is the concept of only exposing URL per piece of content to the engines. If you have or work for a large site, search engine optimization can be quite the undertaking.

  3. New Search Patent Filings: October 4, 2006 - Using Google to find the Cable Guy

    Systems and methods for inferring uniform resource locator (URL) normalization rules The following patent filing from Microsoft's Marc Najork visits some of the same territory, looking carefully at ways to pick the best single URL for pages that...

  4. New Estimate Puts Web Size At 11.5 Billion Pages & Compares Search Engine Coverage

    Also, while some URL normalization was done by the study, it still seems like mirror or duplicate pages may have been counted. Now a new paper puts it at 11.5 billion pages or more, for January 2005. The Indexable Web is more than 11.5 billion...