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  1. Web Analytics 101, Part 2

    For space reasons I'll cover only two: Google Analytics (formally Urchin) and Omniture. In general, log analyzers tend to be software that is purchased and installed, while tag-based analytics programs tend to be hosted on another site and accessed...

  2. Is There Room for Another Free Analytics Tool?

    In much the same way that Google bought Urchin and branded it up as Google Analytics (GA), Yahoo is likely to do something similar. And I'm spending a lot of time in the office acquainting myself with a whole range of software and tools developed...

  3. Google Analytics Launches "Urchin 6"

    At ad:tech San Francisco, Google Analytics today announced the full launch of Urchin Software, Google's advanced - but not free - Web analytics package, aka Urchin 6. Urchin Software is the update to Urchin 5, and anyone can now download a 90-day...

  4. Search Engine Marketing Articles

    In-depth review of the Urchin web analytics tool. Urchin 5.5 - Web Analytics Product Review, Feb. A new generation of powerful search engine analytics software makes the job a snap.

  5. Tracking and Measuring Search Engine Marketing Success

    Urchin Another useful measuring and tracking tool. WebTrends from NetIQ Offers server-based software to determine how many visitors are coming to the Web site, where they're coming from, what they're...