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Upper Lower Case

  1. Landing Page Optimization: How to Identify Testing Opportunities

    Key Takeaways From Two Case Studies Cutroni then went into two case studies he included in his presentation, one for Kapitall, a new type of investment company that added a level of gamification into their training platform, and the other for Amari...

  2. UK Election 2010: 'Least Well-Kept Secret of Recent Years'

    Ironically, the YouTube video embedded on the homepage of Labour's website features Tony Blair, former Prime Minister and former Leader of the Labour Party, putting the case for a 4th term Labour government in a speech at Trimdon Labour Club.

  3. Most Irrelevant Google News Story of the Day

    Google has apparently changed its "favorite icon" or favicon from an upper-case G to a lower-case G, as shown here blown up by 300 percent. We know how fascinated people are by every move that Google makes.

  4. Case Sensitive Google Search Results Being Found

    Talk about ways to further pollute the results.rewritten copy saying the same thing but geared towards upper and lower case search results.does anyone win here? Chris Silver Smith over at NetConcepts found case sensitive results in Google SERPs.

  5. Web Directory Sizes

    In the case of Yahoo, a range is shown. Thus, an estimated lower figure for Yahoo is also shown. The upper figure comes from going into each major category and adding up the counts for each subcategory listed.

  6. Seven Stupid Searching Mistakes, Concluded

    To see which search engines are case sensitive, and how results differ with different combinations of upper and lower case letters, spend some time with Greg Notess' excellent Search Engine Features chart, which includes a section on case...

  7. How Overture (GoTo) Works

    In that case, you'd pay a penny more than the current top five listing, or $0.56. The articles below cover issues involving Overture's relevancy guidelines and may be a helpful guide in case you find yourself in dispute.

  8. Researching Search Terms With WordTracker

    This means that all search commands such as + and - are stripped out and lower and upper case forms are combined. However, although major search engines will tend to list pages that contain all the terms in the order specified first, this isn't...