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  1. Study: Social Media's Hot, Entertainment's Not

    In 2008, people online spent 10 percent of their time shopping down from 12 percent in 2006, and 19 percent of their time on leisure and entertainment, such as playing online games and downloading music.

  2. The Top 4 Best Facebook Practices

    Part of Facebook's usefulness is that it alerts friends when a change occurs: modifying status, uploading new photos, or downloading a game. Many of the world's top brands are struggling with how to best leverage social media.

  3. BitTorrent Plans to Launch Search Engine & Carry Ask Jeeves Ads

    BitTorrent speeds internet file transfers by shifting the bandwidth burden off the publisher, and distributing it among users downloading the file: Everyone downloading a file over BitTorrent is unobtrusively uploading it to other users at the...