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Upgrade Enhanced Campaigns

  1. Welcome to AdWords Enhanced Campaigns: Top Tips From the Experts

    YouTube video campaigns are getting an enhanced upgrade as well – deadline is August 8. For most campaign types, the auto-upgrade default is based on bids from similar advertisers. Today is July 22, which means AdWords enhanced campaigns are now...

  2. Google: 88% of Mobile Search Ad Clicks are Incremental to Organic Clicks

    Google's conclusion isn't surprising and perhaps reassuring to those advertisers still on the fence about the impending enhanced campaigns upgrade deadline: AdWords enhanced campaigns makes it easy for advertisers to capture this incremental traffic.

  3. Using Multipliers Effectively in AdWords

    The system is slightly changed when you upgrade to enhanced campaigns. Since the switch to enhanced campaigns AdWords has become a system of overlapping targets and multipliers. When Google announced Enhanced Campaigns they said that mobile device...

  4. Google AdWords New Enhanced Campaigns Connect Ads With Multi-Device Consumers

    Google today announced an upgrade to AdWords called Enhanced Campaigns that will allow advertisers to target consumers more efficiently with ads based on context like location, device type, and time of the day, in a single campaign.

  5. Covario Empowers Marketers With SEO Audit And "On The Fly" Changes

    Covario, the provider of interactive marketing analytics, unwrapped for us here at SES San Francisco the latest upgrade to its SEO deployment tool, the Covario Organic Search Optimizer. The enhanced version provides a 56-point audit as well as...