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Unix Like Operating System

  1. Google And The Big Brother Nomination

    In case you're wondering, that odd 2038 date has to do with the vagaries of the Unix operating system. It's the longest date that Google can set due to a millennium-like bug with Unix. Tien believes that government agencies would love to have a...

  2. The SearchEngine Update, June 22, 1998, Number 31

    Its name and inspiration is derived from the GNU project, the long-standing volunteer effort to produce a free, UNIX-like operating system. Skrenta said they hope to scale the system so that it can handle between 10,000-100,000 editors.

  3. The Search Engine Report February 3, 1998 - Number 15

    The bug affects both Unix and Windows NT operating systems. A new bug-free version 1.1.1 is also now available for Unix and soon to be released for Windows NT. It is true that the impact for very well maintained systems is minimal, but there are...