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  1. Google Doodlers Pay A Call On Charles Addams' 100th Birthday

    Born January 7, 1912, in Westfield, New Jersey, Addams spent most of his life in Northeast United States - attending Colgate and the University of Pennsylvania, which now has a fine arts building named after him.

  2. President 2.0

    This number didn't include the various other fan pages and groups like "Students for Obama," "Pride for Obama," "Michelle Obama," "Florida for Obama," "Michigan for Obama," "Pennsylvania for Obama," "Women for Obama," etc.

  3. What if Amazon Were Free?

    Ockerbloom is now employed at the University of Pennsylvania (they also host the site) as a Digital Library Planner. It also illustrates the dedication and hard work of the OBP's founder and editor John Mark Ockerbloom who began the project as a...