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University Maryland

  1. Facebook: Get Educated on the Hottest Social Media Platform

    Jen Golbeck from Maryland's iSchool uses Facebook in her classes to help students to get to know one another better. Facebook was founded by a student at Harvard University and then spread to all Ivy League Universities, then of course to the whole...

  2. Using Twitter as an Education Tool

    George Mayo, an eighth grade English teacher at Silver Spring International Middle School in Montgomery County, Maryland, recently used Twitter as a tool to collaboratively write a story by his students.

  3. Q&A With's Gary Price

    This particular one comes out of the University of Maryland. I now live outside of Silver Spring, (Maryland) and I have been here for ten years. I worked for five years at George Washington University here in D.C.then for five years on my...

  4. Building Better Search Interfaces: A Workshop About Exploratory Searches

    Gary Price, at Resource Shelf, pointed earlier today to a paper from a University of Maryland workshop held last year, which brought together researchers from the "fields of Information Seeking (IS), Information Retrieval (IR), Human-Computer...

  5. Vanishing Act: The U.S. Government's Disappearing Data

    And if you don't believe that, see the Audits and Surveys of State Freedom of Information laws (link below), which reports on the project by a number of news agencies to request public information from a variety of agencies in 19 states; they were...

  6. Information Wants to be Valuable

    Scientific Publishing on the 'Semantic Web' By Tim Berners-Lee — the inventor of the World Wide Web and director of the World Wide Web Consortium at the Massachusetts Institute...