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University College London

  1. Rosalind Franklin and Photo 51 Honored in Google Doodle

    As a research associate at King's College London, Franklin was assigned to work with then-student Raymond Gosling. King's College in London named a dormitory Rosalind Franklin Hall and an academic building named the Franklin-Wilkins building.

  2. Google "Confident" On Potential In-Depth EU Antitrust Inquiry

    What Almunia said during his speech delivered at the University College London was that "the work is at an early stage, but given the importance of search to a competitive online marketplace, I am looking at the allegations very carefully.

  3. Hobnob with the Gurus at Search Engine Conferences

    Conferences and Workshops Related to the Free Online Scholarship Movement˜peters/fos/conf.htm An extensive list of conferences related to the free online scholarship (FOS) movement, including many searching and information...