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University California Los Angeles

  1. Domain Names With Geo Specific Keywords Offer Local Ranking Opportunities [Study]

    The data seemed to have a pattern of rank decreasing as distance from Los Angeles increased, so it was compiled it into the graph below. The average SERP position for universities has a correlation with the distance they are located from Los Angeles.

  2. YouTube Creator Institute Offers Video Wizards Everything Except a Quidditch Team

    One will be held at the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts from May 25 until June 22 in Los Angeles, CA. Bing Chen, who handles YouTube Creator Initiatives and Product Marketing, announced the creation of the YouTube Creator...

  3. PageRank, Wrappers, Ranking News and More: Papers from the WWW 2005 Conference

    Cho, (University of California at Los Angeles) Yu, (University of Illinois at Chicago) Anagnostopoulos, (Brown University) Romani, (University of Pisa) Cunningham, (University of Sheffield) Raghavan, (University of Louisiana at Lafayette)