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  1. The World Welcomes 2014 on Twitter, Reveals Usage Patterns

    Lastly, I looked at the most popular tweet elements (retweets, links, hashtags, and pictures) and how they trended by time zone. Embedded media are pictures and videos that show up right in a tweet. Those would include pictures from TwitPic, images...

  2. Panda, Fresher Results, Spelling Top Google’s January 2012 Search Updates

    One significant change to Google Images is that pictures with “high-quality" landing pages will now rank higher in Image results. Google also has “made an adjustment” to how news results are blended in universal search.

  3. It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas: Changes At Google to Increase Ad Spends

    A few years ago, some creative AdSense publishers used to place pictures in front of the ads to help increase CTRs, but this become against the Google AdSense terms and conditions. Universal search drove many experiments in the area of optimizing...

  4. 3 CEOs with 3 Strategies for SEO Success

    Consumers are looking for more than Flash animations and pretty pictures. The President and Chief Executive Officer of Universal Technical Institute, (UTI) Kimberly J. Then we discussed how Wayne Gattinella, WebMD's CEO and president, values SEO as...