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  1. Social Media Around the World: Current Trends and Future Growth

    According to data collected by Universal Mccann International Social Media Research, much of the new content available on the Internet is being produced in the Asian region, with the largest community of bloggers in the world located in China and...

  2. Technorati Releases State of the Blogosphere 2008 Report

    Universal McCann (March 2008) o 184 million have started a blog worldwide, 26.4 million have started a blog in the US o 346 million read blogs worldwide, 60.3 million read blogs in the US o 77% of active Internet users read blogs

  3. Microsoft's Navic Networks Partners with Mediabrands

    Microsoft's recently acquired Navic Networks has announced a new partnership with Mediabrands, a new group of four companies: Initiative, Universal McCann, MAGNA and IPG's Emerging Media Lab. The media companies will have access to Navic's Admira...