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Universal Character Set

  1. SEO Diagnostics: Urgent & Preventive Care

    Specify a character set, so browsers can begin parsing/executing faster. Also, notice what types of universal results are showing up (, news, images, etc. Set a far-future Expires header, which allows browsers to cache content and assets.

  2. What 'Doctor Who' Can Teach Search Marketers

    Each actor has played the role of the Doctor in the same, yet different manner, rounding out the character while emphasizing different aspects of his personality. Think about emphasizing different sections of your site, but don’t stray too far from...

  3. There's No Secret Recipe to SEO

    This helps boost visibility and traffic, and can also protect your reputation in search results from unwarranted character attacks. Social media also allows you to assess user needs in real time, develop universal listings, and gain more SERP real...

  4. Compare & Contrast: Ad Guidelines At Overture & Google

    Now find the domain name -- reading left to right, that's the part between http:// and the first / character: To make matters worse, if there are few clear standards for search engine optimization on...