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United States Presidential Election

  1. Obama vs. Romney: Search for Next President Reveals Astonishing Facts

    It is startling to realize that bullying has become such a considerable issue in the United States in recent years, yet our Presidential candidates are noticeable participants. Could 12,100 search requests in one month be inspired exclusively by...

  2. GoAnimate Unveils New Political Characters and Backgrounds

    GoAnimate, which offers free web applications that enable marketers to create their own animated videos, has released of a new collection of political characters and backgrounds focused on the United States Presidential election.

  3. Twitter, Snow and Politics: Newark Mayor Shows Online Smarts

    President Obama had about 2.5 million followers during his presidential campaign which grew to just under 7 million today. No doubt this will be a story many politicians will be considering as the next election approaches or an event occurs in...

  4. Many 2010 Election Results Too Close To Call

    It means that the United States is as closely divided in 2010 as it was back during the presidential election in 2000. The outcome of the election was not known for more than a month after the balloting ended because of the extended process of...