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  1. Homeland Security Wants Internet Kill Switch

    The legislation had passed her committee last year but with the new year and new Congress needs to be resubmitted. Opponents such as the ACLU, the EFF, and the American Library Association believe such a legislation would erode citizens basic rights.

  2. Full Text Reports from the Congressional Research Service on Internet Privacy, Net Technology, and Protecting Children from "Unsuitable Material"

    Federal legislation (and related issues) dealing with Internet privacy, Internet technology, and the protection of children from "unsuitable material on the web," here are a few research reports from the non-partisan and highly respected...

  3. Newsweek Talks Tagging

    What Levy gets wrong is that books and other objects are also assigned what Library of Congress Subject Headings. Another classification scheme called Library of Congress Classification (LCC) is used in many large libraries around the world.