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Unique Value Proposition

  1. How to Plan Effectively for Content Marketing in 2014

    The content that they produce follows a set of editorial guidelines that align with their value proposition and their readers' interests. You still need to have unique and engaging content such like a viral video and the process behind its...

  2. Twitter Files for IPO: Reveals Debt, Advertising Revenue Per Timeline View Details

    Twitter considers its value proposition to advertisers, data partners and users, central to its business. The company also intends to “develop new and unique ad formats for our advertisers. Twitter just tore the roof of its business, letting the...

  3. SEO in the Age of Apps: Diversifying Your Mobile SEO Strategy

    To succeed as this app-based search ecosystem evolves, brands need to understand the relevant apps on the market, the value proposition of each, and how to build rank and findability. It is rumored there will be elements that brands can insert into...

  4. Can Facebook Graph Search Disrupt the Google Habit?

    Google’s value proposition is, simply, that it's useful. Utility: Delivering Value to Consumers There is value in either variable independently, but when combined they reinforce one another. Frequency: Reinforcing Value to Consumers