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  1. London Underground Google Doodle Celebrates 150 Years of the Tube

    The first underground electrically-operated railway made its debut 150 years ago today in London. To mark the occasion for seachers in the UK, Google has posted a Doodle on its homepage featuring its letters atop the famous map of the London...

  2. St. Basil's Cathedral Google Logo Marks 450th Anniversary of Russian Landmark

    The foundation of the cathedral has also been tested by tanks driven during Soviet military parades, the construction of underground infrastructure, the paving of Red Square with cobblestones, and even the vibrations from nearby outdoor rock...

  3. The Revolution Will Be Streamed -- Operation Payback: Protest or War?

    Though in Twitter's case, it was saved because it's the only communication device -- much like you wouldn't take down your underground radio station in World War II Germany. So I'm sitting here watching the downing of websites 1-2-3.