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  1. Recovering from Penalties, Penguin, and Panda

    User generated spam like un-moderated comments could also trigger a manual action. We've seen tremendous upheaval in the search landscape over the last two years. Google has sent web publishers into a tailspin with Pandas, Penguins and penalties.

  2. Structured Data: Content, Rich Snippets & Authorship vs. Author Rank

    Data comes in multiple formats that take the form of un-structured, semi structured and structured data. Over the last 12 months we have witnessed a content marketing explosion and a rapid evolution in search and social media marketing techniques.

  3. Google Palestine: Is Google Taking Sides?

    In this case, we are following the lead of the UN, Icann [the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers], ISO [International Organisation for Standardisation] and other international organisations.

  4. Leveraging Twitter & Facebook Ads at #SESChi

    Morud points to one social advertising myth in particular that just won’t go away and stay there: Social ads are trivial and don't work for un-sexy B2B brands. AimClear’s Online Marketing Account Manager Morud lives and breathes Facebook marketing...