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  1. Search Marketing's About People and Principles, Not Just Algorithms, Part 2

    Netimperative Jan 11 2006 8:31PM GMT Netimperative Jan 11 2006 8:29PM GMT The SEM "players" enjoy the rewards of community, such as Yahoo weather reports, Google Sitemaps, and industry cocktail parties and roundtables; but builders of Sullivan...

  2. Google Video Player Removed From Downloads of Google Video Pack

    Btw, Netimperative reports that LOVEFiLM, a popular mail-based DVD rental service in the UK, is going to offer a movie download service for UK subscribers. Several people have sent along notes this weekend and I've seen a few blog postings...

  3. UK: Send Maps to Mobile Phones With Multimap and Other Send to Phone Tools

    Netimperative reports that online mapping service Multimap has added a "map to mobile" feature that allows the searcher to send the url of a map to their mobile phone/device via SMS (text messaging) and then click to view the map on their mobile...

  4. Shopzilla Comes to the UK

    Netimperative reports that Shopzilla has just expanded into the UK. I guess one shopping search post deserves another. The company also offers shopping databases in France and Germany. Shopzilla was purchased by E.W.