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  1. Google: 25,000 Government Requests for Data in First Half of 2013

    Google also used the release of its latest transparency report to highlight its ongoing concerns with the fact requests under Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) laws cannot be revealed. UK: 1,274 requests – 67 percent led to some data...

  2. Google Boldly Rejects UK Privacy Laws in Safari Snooping Case

    Google has told the UK High Court that it isn't subject to UK privacy laws because it is a They don't respect it and they don't consider themselves to be answerable to our laws on it. Claimants in the UK are concerned that the...

  3. Google Faces £500,000 Fine if Privacy Policy Isn't Changed by Sept. 20

    However, in response, Google issued a vague statement claiming it does adhere to UK laws, but it made no direct comment about the ICO's letter or its contents, or an intention to make any changes.The statement said: “Our privacy policy respects...

  4. Google Reports Surge in Government Takedown Requests

    Google dismissed the notice as the video broke no laws. UK government officials also called on Google to remove content that portrayed the government in a negative light. Google reported that it received three requests to take down content from UK...

  5. Alan Turing Google Doodle: Turing Machine Codebreaker Logo Honors Father of Computer Science

    Alan and the many thousands of other gay men who were convicted as he was convicted under homophobic laws were treated terribly. In 1952, he had to stop his work with the UK Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ).

  6. Google Reveals More Government Search Censorship Requests

    In some cases, they must consider local laws and may be facing down a court order, even if complying seems like participating in censorship. Google found that their videos did violate YouTube’s Community Guidelines and as a result, complied with...

  7. Last Ditch Efforts to Halt New Google Privacy Policy

    We are confident that our new simple, clear and transparent privacy policy respects all European data protection laws and principles," Peter Fleischer, Google's global privacy counsel, wrote in response to CNIL.

  8. Google, Microsoft, Yahoo Working With White House on Do No Track Browsing

    The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has confirmed it is in discussion with Google to ensure the search giant is complying with all necessary UK data laws following the reports about privacy settings being bypassed.

  9. New Google Privacy Policy Combines User Data From All Google Services

    The only products that seem to have their own product-specific privacy policy are Chrome and Chrome OS (“to explain our privacy practices specific to those products in more detail”), Books, and Google Wallet (because it’s “regulated by industry...