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Uk High Court

  1. Google Boldly Rejects UK Privacy Laws in Safari Snooping Case

    Google has told the UK High Court that it isn't subject to UK privacy laws because it is a According to a statement released by the firm, Google has filed court papers that say it will "contest the right of Safari users in the UK to...

  2. Google Reports Surge in Government Takedown Requests

    In this particular time period, we received court orders in several countries to remove blog posts criticising government officials or their associates. Brazil and the U.S.led the world for total requests for takedowns through a court order.

  3. Real Names: Google+, Government & The Identity Ecosystem

    Supreme Court ruling, McIntyre v. Schmidt’s quotes about the G+ identity system, Google being part of the NSTIC OIX interoperability tests and Google hosting the Eurim_IdEa in the George Orwell Room of their UK headquarters (Eurim_IdEa is the UK...

  4. Founder Berners-Lee Sees Social Media Corrupting His Intent For The Web

    The FCC told Comcast to stop the practice, but in April 2010 a federal court ruled the FCC could not require Comcast to do so. Web founder Sir Tim Berners-Lee warned "Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networking sites represent "one of several...

  5. Liverpool FC Fans Invited to Enjoy a Pint with Citizen of Red Sox Nation at SES London 2011

    Liverpool FC fans outside the High Court in London As Rory Smith of says, "Liverpool have waited restlessly for the day on which the ruinous regime of Tom Hicks and George Gillett fell, but there was no outpouring of joy from the...

  6. UK Election 2010: What's So Bad About a Hung Parliament?

    We Americans can only hope Britain's new supreme court does not end up anointing the next British prime minister. The top term in this week's UK election 2010 seems to be "hung Parliament. In other words, it's trench warfare in social media as well...

  7. The Other PR that influences search ranking

    When the Do Not Call list became an iaaue and the Supreme Court ruling came out they sent out a press release about how their software could keep a call center compliant with this new law. One that has a high PageRank