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  1. Global Mobile Advertising Opportunities: Brazil. Russia, India & China

    Another advantage that Chinese mobile advertising offers in comparison to other types of advertising is the ability to distribute mobile ads based on the location of the user. Global mobile advertising is projected to rise 37.4 percent in 2014 to...

  2. Facebook News Feed Algorithm Change Reduces Visibility of Page Updates

    This change will definitely hurt businesses running branded pages on Facebook that don't want to pay for Facebook advertising for visibility. Facebook said these types of updates get more engagement in terms of likes, comments, shares, and clicks...

  3. The Buzz on Search and Social Signals: Building Informed Cross-Channel Strategies

    Marketers need to be the bees of online advertising – swarming to the data of our campaigns, looking for signals that drive consumer activity, taking the standout signals from one channel and understanding how to apply those to another.

  4. Why You Must Optimize and Create Content for More Than Just Conversion-Centric Queries

    That is, optimizing or advertising for queries where the searcher is in buyer-ready mode ("buy white leather couch") is better than doing so for queries when the searcher is still in research mode ("white leather couch").