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  1. 4 Critical Elements of a Successful Content Marketing Team

    More than any other type of marketing endeavor, the composition and talents of the executing team are absolutely critical. For as long as the Internet is viable and consumer searches are mediated by search engines, SEO as a discipline will continue...

  2. The Buzz on Search and Social Signals: Building Informed Cross-Channel Strategies

    Since device type and local search can be compelling signals, find ways to harness this data in social. Cultivating a sophisticated cross-channel strategy requires the same type of TLC gardeners use to tend their budding blossoms.

  3. UK Reopens Google Street View Wi-Fi Investigation

    The ICO has now asked Google to provide further information about its Street View project, including exactly what type of data was captured by the firm and why it was not revealed to the ICO during its first investigation.

  4. Nomenclature: The Industry Case For and Against SEO

    Rather, it’s meant to me that you, as a marketer, identify where people do any type of search request, figure out how results are generated and try to increase your visibility for those searches. In the past four years or so, we’ve seen varying...

  5. Panda, Fresher Results, Spelling Top Google’s January 2012 Search Updates

    Google Instant offers the ability to see results as you type, but what if your computer isn’t fast enough? In Google's search settings, you now have three options for Google Instant predictions: Here’s a rundown of the other noteworthy changes to...

  6. 5 Local-Mobile Recommendations for the Pay Per Call Comeback

    This type of action-oriented detail will help facilitate immediate action for consumers and measurability for you. More than 50 percent of calls placed to local search ads through Telmetrics’ call measurement network are from mobile phones.

  7. 6 Tips for Using Promoted Tweets to Boost Your Brand’s Visibility

    Use it for awhile before paying for Promoted Tweets, learn Twitter etiquette, and see what type of content resonates with your followers. Twitter now has 100 million active users generating some 200 million tweets and 1.6 billion search queries...