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  1. How to Create a Social Media Friendly Landing Page

    Don't require mobile users to type several text boxes of information. Community managers can create great little posts that entice and pique the curiosity of friends and fans. We demonstrate every day that we can drive traffic from social media...

  2. Using Majestic's Topical Trust Flow to Find Online PR Opportunities

    We've been able to identify specific journalists, see what type of stories they interested in and what editorial approach they're likely to take. The feature has lots of potential: this article shows how it can be used to quickly identify multiple...

  3. How to Optimize Your Content Strategy With Social Listening

    Continuing with the yoga theme, if your business happens to sell yoga equipment, you can easily see there are significant conversations occurring around what type of equipment to buy. This type of thinking is applicable to almost all businesses.

  4. 4 Amazing Things You Simply Must Know About Sensational Headlines

    Although the research showed a preference for number headlines, you don't want to overwhelm your readers with listicles (or any other headline type). The best content with a boring headline that does a poor job of giving the reader a reason to...