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  1. Twitter is Blocked in Turkey, Google’s Public DNS Helps Users Regain Access

    Users in Turkey could no longer access Twitter through normal means. When users in Turkey tried to access Twitter, they instead saw a statement that was posted by Turkey's telecommunications regulator (TIB), the Guardian reported.

  2. Link Building With a Healthy Dose of Marketing: 8 Ways to Solve Problems for Free

    Agarwal's altruism wasn't for naught; Barby wrote an article that sprinkled several personal thank yous to Agarwal, linked to Agarwal's business, twitter, and the tool he created, and even donated $80 to Agarwal's site, which Agarwal in turn spent...

  3. SEO Basics: 8 Essentials When Optimizing Your Site

    Twitter Search engines want to do their jobs as best as possible by referring users to websites and content that is the most relevant to what the user is looking for. Your links, paid search, and social media acts as the icing, but your content...

  4. Effective Storytelling for Brands: How to Drive Discovery & Engagement

    Before Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, Google was already amplifying consumer word-of-mouth by retrieving and highly ranking user-generated media in organic search results. As social media emerged, and Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest...

  5. Goodbye, Video Responses: YouTube Giveth and YouTube Taketh Away

    Now, when you click on "Share" underneath a YouTube video, you'll see buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Reddit, Tumblr, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, LiveJournal, and Odnoklassniki (a Russian social media site).

  6. Is BuzzFeed's Boom Making Brand Blogs Go Bust?

    You're forced to create content specific to them.characters of text for Twitter. It's or instead of Social media sites and blogs account for 23 percent of all time spent online.percent of consumers...