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  1. 130 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Local Search Automation Tool

    Does [VENDOR NAME] have an API we can connect with? Do we have a dedicated account manager? Twitter? Does [VENDOR NAME] offer integration with Facebook? Choosing a local search automation vendor can be a complicated and intimidating decision for...

  2. The New Inbox: The Intersection of Email, Mobile & Social Marketing

    This allows you to connect the dots by using that other channel to get them to re-engage. So what started as an in-store journey for Melissa became a cross-channel digital journey that would allow you to connect a bunch of dots.

  3. Weekly Rundown: Lost Google Image Search Traffic, Facebook Search Ads & More

    What it Means to Your Personal Brand When You Connect on LinkedIn – Fast CompanyBefore you accept that invitation to connect on LinkedIn, remember: "You are whom you choose to befriend". chose Twitter; 82 percent LinkedIn; 77 percent YouTube; 71...

  4. How to Create a Social Media Editorial Calendar

    Connect with Print Campaign Connect the dots between print and online and carry over print advertising themes and campaigns into the social media calendar and vice-versa Today’s editorial calendar takes into account web content, company press...