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  1. Wajam Adds Social Layer to Google With Facebook, Twitter Results

    If you search for a plumber, you might look in the Yellow Pages, but you’re also going to ask a friend and compare. Indeed, a run through the results shows a lot of promise for those interested in viewing friend recommendations alongside organic...

  2. Holy Google+ Hangout Features Dalai Lama, Archbishop Tutu

    Tutu, a South African activist and retired Anglican bishop famous for his leadership through human rights and relevant causes, was apparently furious over the matter, his anger directed towards the South African government for denying his longtime...

  3. Spotify: The Definitive Music Search Engine Guide

    However, what if you have a friend that you're associated with on Google+, Tumblr, or Twitter and you aren't Facebook friends. Add me as a friend through Spotify: "spotify:user:smomashup" and share your Spotify tips and tricks in the comments below!