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  1.’s Top Question of 2012: Will Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Get Back Together?

    After the cheating saga of “Twilight” co-stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart came to light, users this year overwhelmingly asked one question: "Will Rob and Kristen get back together? That was the top trending question of 2012 from...

  2. Bing Top Searches of 2012: Those Kardashian People, iPhone 5 & Beyonce’s Baby

    The City of Angels stole the crown from Sin City as the most searched destination in 2012, no doubt thanks to this epic viral video of a twilight landing at LAX to a Sugarcult soundtrack. What most captured the interest of the American public this...

  3. Top 10 Twitter Trends of 2010

    The Twilight Saga: Eclipse After analyzing 25 billion tweets that have been sent so far this year, Twitter this morning revealed the top 10 overall trends, as well as trends in eight categories (news events, people, movies, television, technology...

  4. Google Launches Mobile Version of Movie Search for iPhone, Palm and Android

    The Twilight Saga: New Moon (OMG! Tomorow, when you're so stuffed with turkey that you can't get up and check movie times on your laptop or desktop computer, just reach into your pocket. If you have an iPhone, Palm, or Android, simply fire up your...

  5. Top 10 Search Terms in 10 Categories, April 2009

    Search Volume netflix myspace imdb facebook youtube blockbuster fandango facebook login redbox movies new moon movie my space robert pattinson you tube twilight twitter

  6. Top 10 Search Terms in 10 Categories, March 2009

    Search Volume netflix myspace imdb facebook blockbuster youtube redbox facebook login fandango twilight natasha richardson my space movies you tube watchmen