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Tweet Retweeting

  1. Twitter Debuts Analytics Platform, Expands Promoted Tweets Distribution

    Promoted Tweets are similar to PPC ads in that advertisers only pay when a user takes action, such as clicking through, replying, or retweeting an ad. Promoted Tweets are now appearing in the feeds of those who don’t follow the advertising brand...

  2. Twitter 101, Part 2

    Remember, retweeting adds more characters to your tweet, so you might need to shorten it to make it fit into the 140 character limit.sign or hashtags: This sign is called a hashtag and is used to label parts of your message.

  3. How to Go Viral on Twitter: The Science of ReTweeting

    If you want a ReTweet, include a link in your original Tweet.percent of ReTweets include a link. Dan Zarrella has been studying one of the most crucial aspects of Twitter: the ReTweet. This is when Twitterers repost something that another Twitterer...