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  1. Bing Top Searches of 2012: Those Kardashian People, iPhone 5 & Beyonce’s Baby

    Globally, the top searched spots in each area were: Bing has announced the top searches in 2012 across a variety of categories, including people, sports stars, news, reality TV and more. Sisters Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian failed to make the top...

  2. Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon Comes to Google: Search for Any Actor’s ‘Bacon Number’ is one of the top spots online to play the Kevin Bacon Game. The phenomenon continued on numerous talk shows and even spawned a TV commercial for Visa where Kevin Bacon tries to write a check but has forgotten his ID.

  3. Star Trek Google Doodle Boldly Goes Where No Doodle Has Gone Before

    You can click various hot spots in the Doodle to interact with the ship's controls, the characters and advance the plot to additional scenes. Trekkies and geeks worldwide will certainly rejoice at today's Google Doodle that celebrates the 46th...

  4. Google April Fools' Day Pranks 2012: 8-Bit Maps, Chrome Multitask Mode & More!

    After redeeming with the parking gods, you'll no longer have to worry about runaway shopping carts, tow away zones, parking tickets, or even parallel parking – all thanks to the new prime spots that will become available to you.

  5. Running Online Video Ads Alongside TV Doubles Brand Recall [Study]

    In the YouTube-only vs TV-only competition, YouTube trounced TV for 15 second ads, while they ran neck and neck for 30 second spots. A recent YouTube/Ipsos study explored the interaction between traditional TV advertising and YouTube pre-roll ads...

  6. Google, Bing Launch TV Commercials For Holidays

    Both companies recently received accolades for their 2011 Web TV commercials, taking eight of the top 10 “most effective” spots, as judged by television advertising authority AceMetrix. Google and Bing both seem poised to continue their foray into...