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Tv Show Commercials

  1. SES New York Keynote Speaker Says Internet is TV’s Best Friend

    Since Twitter is open and public, it acts as television’s backchannel filled with real-time commentary and conversation – And it’s not just about TV series but also TV commercials giving producers and marketers instant feedback about their content.

  2. YouTube Case Study: Ceilume’s “Ask the Ceiling Tile Guy”

    Davis came of age watching the television shows (and commercials) of the early 1960s. Ironically, Ceilume’s videos have also caught the eye of another audience that the small business hadn’t targeted: TV show producers.

  3. How Do You Encourage People To Share Your YouTube Videos on Facebook, Twitter and Blogs?

    After watching the Super Bowl commercials, millions of viewers shared some of their favorites via Facebook, Twitter, and blogs. But watching videos online is different than watching TV. Educational videos show how to do things and use products.