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  1. Human-flesh Search Engines Unearth Dark Side of Online Community

    Usually the target will lose their job or be forced to resign from shame and or ostracized by their local community and forced to leave the town. Posting their reactions, users collectively whirl themselves into a frenzy of righteousness that can...

  2. Google TV Coming Soon?

    They both point to an article at The Radioactive Yak, which shows a "recent" job posting at Google for a "Product Manager - Interactive TV. Actually, I saw this job posting a few weeks ago, and then dug up some more information, and noticed it wasn...

  3. Google Looking For Interactive TV Engineers; Yahoo Needs Search Relevance and Monetization Researcher

    Yes, it's time for another Google TV job posting! The title of the job is: Software Engineer, Television Technology - Mountain View and Google is looking for, "well-rounded software engineers with a proven track record in creating and deploying...

  4. Google TV Coming - Expect Both GiVo & TVSense

    Spotted via Inside Google, news from Adam Lasnik of a job posting for a product manager for Google TV. The job posting shows Google TV? Yeah, we and others have written before about how TV is going to converge with search.