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  1. Top Bing Searches in 2011: Bieber, Kardashian & Royal Wedding

    Most Searched Destinations and Consumer Electronics in 2011 Here are the most searched consumer electronics: Other categories covered in Bing’s 2011 top searches lists include Most Searched Movies (“Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol”), Morning...

  2. Smarter Marketing and the Weak Link In Its Success

    Retailers face a tricky problem – shared by travel companies, global advertisers, etailers, consumer electronics companies – that humans realistically can only optimize a handful of pages. The majority of advertisers understand that keyword...

  3. 5 Reasons Why "Sears Blue Blogger Crew" Is A True-Blue 2011 Strategy

    They are going to be sending 5 established tech bloggers to the much anticipated Consumer Electronics Show (CES) show. The increasingly real-time nature of the web is creating new opportunities in the search and social media sphere and disrupting...

  4. Skype Moves Near Facebook HQ To Consolidate Mobile, Consumer Electronics Segments

    Skype, the chat, voice and video calling platform has plans to extend its reach to consumer electronics and mobile devices and the first step will be to move its offices in Stanford, next to Facebook's headquarters.

  5. Searching for Something to Watch

    Early devices like AppleTV and Roku point the way, while January's Consumer Electronics Show could offer a glimpse at more Internet-ready televisions and set-top boxes that bring the Web to the TV (not to be confused with the ill-conceived WebTV...

  6. FCC Passed "White Space" What Does It Mean

    Mesh networks are self forming networks created by consumer electronics devices. Devices will simply find each other in the same way they find Wi-Fi hot spots today and broadband traffic can be routed through devices based on consumer preferences.

  7. James Cameron Live on "Avatar" - His New 3-D Film

    Consumer electronics people will need to make players for stereo-enabled monitors. The theme of Microsoft Advance '08 is "Connected Entertainment" -- mobile, music, TV/video, gaming. Today, filmmaker James Cameron's producing partner at Lightstorm...