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  1. Conquering Content Marketing, Step 3: Facing the 'Fans'

    Lisa forgot that Instagram even did video, but she really liked the idea and followed up with, "How about we use the winning videos in a TV commercial? Commercial Break Lisa Hughes, a New York-based content marketer for UK clothing and apparel...

  2. Optimizing Second Screen Engagement: Lessons for Brands From Twitter

    Each replay included a short 5-7 second commercial just before the replay. Ninety-five percent of all the conversations about TV shows is happening on twitter. It's basically a commentary that happens on your couch, watching TV, talking to your...

  3. 75% of Most Shared Super Bowl 2012 Video Ads Launched Before Super Sunday

    This year, it is also offering the consumer who creates the top-ranked Doritos commercial the chance to work with director Michael Bay on the next installment of “Transformers. While the passive viewing figures of the Super Bowl on network TV look...

  4. Note to FTC: Google Satisfies Information Needs Way More Than Shopping Needs

    This is a unique “give first, take second” combined philanthropic and commercial business model. And yes, from time-to-time a commercial or shopping related query returns Google’s own products or services in this richer mix of results.

  5. Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon Comes to Google: Search for Any Actor’s ‘Bacon Number’

    The phenomenon continued on numerous talk shows and even spawned a TV commercial for Visa where Kevin Bacon tries to write a check but has forgotten his ID. Have you ever played the game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon?