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  1. Google Guilty of Defamation; Google/Apple Extend Search Deal & Latest Search News

    Get the most SEO value out of an ongoing series by figuring out regular intervals (weekly, biweekly, monthly), using an editorial calendar, interlinking the series, maximizing anchor text, and tagging posts to serve the most effective advertisements.

  2. Inside AdWords and Contextual Advertising: The Tipping Point

    Back in 2003, Google pioneered a technology for automatically displaying text advertisements on Web sites. Advertisers have access to low-cost resources for producing audio and TV ads. Advertisers can place ads in print (newspapers), audio (radio...

  3. New Search Patent Filings: August 29, 2006 - Yahoo looks at Interactive TV and VOIP

    Advertisements, for instance, may be tailored based on classification rather than query keywords. Microsoft had two new patent applications published, including one which provides a means of suggesting alternative spellings for words, and another...

  4. New Search Patent Applications: June 19, 2006 - Autolinking, and Better Advertising through Deletion Predictions

    A method and system are provided for selecting advertisements for presentation to a user in response to a user search query. Microsoft goes TV 2.0 with an electronic program guide, and describes a way of matching advertising content with certain...