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  1. Super Bowl 2010 commercials featured (again) on YouTube AdBlitz

    Would marketers be smarter to take the money they'll spend on Super Bowl 2010 commercials and use it to by YouTube ads instead? Zamost also said that smart marketers have already figured out that their target audience is coming to the Internet to...

  2. SearchDay | Getting Closer to Mobile Local Search's Day

    Super Bowl Ad Creates Spike in Activity at Hulu in February Posted by Greg Jarboe Mar 23, 2009 Okay, so maybe Super Bowl ads still work. Hulu saw a significant spike in activity after it aired an ad during this year's Super Bowl, "which both...

  3. Super Bowl Ads: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

    Funny how the Super Bowl interaction with the web differed so much from the recent inauguration. Dennyâ’s had a terrible night, with a free breakfast promo that failed to include a URL in their TV ad or an online call to action.