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  1. How to Use Google Analytics Site Search Reports

    Sometimes the Pages report can be useful for working out which pages are the ones on which visitors give up on using the navigation and switch to a different method of using the website. The percentage of visits with search can vary dramatically...

  2. How to Implement Adjusted Bounce Rate (ABR) via Google Tag Manager [Tutorial]

    If you fire up Google Analytics and check the real time reporting, you'll see a link labeled "Events" in the left-side navigation. Now let's turn our attention to bounce rate. Sure, if you're a business with a small and simple website, then...

  3. Smartphone vs. Tablet Commerce: 3 Essential Behaviors You May Be Overlooking

    Due to their size, tablets were often known for highly illustrative, branded experiences, while smartphone activity focused on utility in map and navigation and local directory properties. They could be on the go and reach for their smartphone, in...

  4. 10 Insights from a Lite SEO Audit That Any Small Business Can Benefit From

    The navigation was completely image-based, but absolutely didn’t need to be. In addition, the images in the navigation didn’t contain any alt text, which becomes the anchor text for image links. Use descriptive anchor text and text navigation instead.