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  1. How Video Site NDN is Driving 500 Million+ Video Views Per Month

    From the Chicago Tribune and Christian Science Monitor to Breitbart and Journal Broadcast Group; digital publishers are increasingly relying NDN to power their entire video content management system: leveraging our technology to host and present...

  2. The Social CEO: 6 Reasons Why the CEO Must Lead the Way

    With a reported 1 million+ downloads in the first few days following the event, spurred on by a stream of tweets, blog posts, coverage by the Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Chronicle, TechCrunch, Chicago Tribune, New York Post, the Hollywood...

  3. Search for "Winter Storm" in Google News and See YouTube Video from WNYC Radio

    A release e-mailed with a jpg or tif file has a much better chance of making it into our newspaper," said Tom Wharton, writer for the Salt Lake City Tribune. Back in 2006, a media survey by Bennett & Company Marketing found that 90 percent of...

  4. SES Chicago 2010 to Feature Mari Luangrath, Head Cupcakeologist and Owner of Foiled Cupcakes

    Clients include the Adler Planetarium, Bank of America, BP North America, The Chicago Cubs, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Chicago Tribune, Citigroup, Edelman PR, The Food Channel, NBC, Northwestern University, and the Wrigley Company.

  5. Rumors of the Press Release's Death have been Greatly Exaggerated

    Brent Payne of the Tribune, Ninety-five percent use Google/search engines, 93 percent use the company web site, 47 percent use Wikipedia, 36 percent use the web site of a commercial newswire, 34 percent use the company blog, 33 percent use social...

  6. Brent Payne of Tribune Shares Some Social Media Link Building Tips

    An in-house SEO with more than seven years of experience, Payne has doubled Tribune's visits from search engines since he joined the company in February 2008. Last week at SES San Francisco, Brent Payne, the SEO Director of the Tribune, shared some...

  7. Hot Topics, Odd Stories at SES San Francisco and ClickZ Connected Marketing Week

    The speakers include: Brent Payne, SEO Director, Tribune; Allison Fabella, SEO Topher Kohan, SEO Manager, CNN; and Eleanor Hong, Lead Editor, SEO, The "celebrity CMO" is a best selling author and former Chief Marketing Officer and...

  8. Boston Globe Adopts Open-Source Neighborhood News Mapping Platform OpenBlock

    The Columbia Daily Tribune was granted a $90K contract to implement the software and enhance it with new features in the context of a smaller newspaper. Other news organizations who stepped in are The Columbia Daily Tribune and Missouri's Tribune.

  9. One Man's Keywords are Another Man's List of Forbidden 'Newsspeak' Words and Phrases

    Feder reported that Tribune Company CEO Randy Michaels had issued a "list of forbidden 'newsspeak' words and phrases" in a memo to his staff of anchors and reporters on WGN-AM (720), the news/talk radio station in Chicago.

  10. Public relations industry should go to Search Engine Strategies

    The speakers are Simon Heseltine, Senior Marketing Manager, AOL, LLC; and Brent Payne, SEO Director, Tribune. Brown, Director of Search Strategy, New York Times Company. Cover via Amazon If you work in the public relations industry, you should beat...

  11. Google Fast Flip Adds 55 Resources

    Tribune Co.newspapers including the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune McClatchy Company newspapers such as the Miami Herald and the Kansas City Star In September, Google launched its visual based news platform, Fast Flip, into Labs.