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  1. Why You Need to Own Your Data & Digital Assets

    Google is very strict about Google Analytics ownership and doesn't get involved in the transfer of ownership of accounts. Google Analytics is one of those assets that web designers, developers, and marketers have seized away from the brands they...

  2. Can You Build Buzz Like Brands Advertising in the Super Bowl?

    I also checked out Google Trends to see if there was any measured spike in search volume around these terms. Google Trends isn't a real-time tool, but I found brands like Jaguar, Pepsi, Axe, Kia, and Intuit to be flat year over year in their search...

  3. Google's Product Listing Ads: Adoption, Clicks, Mobile Continue Surge [Study]

    Shifting more attention toward optimizing the mobile experience — mobile-friendly landing pages, integrating Google Merchant Center’s local availability and local storefront features — will be key to maximizing smartphone PLA performance.

  4. The World Welcomes 2014 on Twitter, Reveals Usage Patterns

    Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ had some percentage of links point to them, but compared to the overall content shared on Twitter, those were negligible. These trends align perfectly with the regions that celebrated New Year's Eve and...