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  1. Oklahoma Uses YouTube TrueView Ads to Boost Tourism for a Song [Case Study]

    According to Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin, travel and tourism dollars generate over a billion dollars in annual revenue for Oklahoma's state and local governments and help to support almost 80,000 jobs.

  2. SearchDay | Performance Management for SEO Teams

    But there are still a few search-driven sites making eco-friendly tourism and sustainable travel a reality. Eco-Driven Travel Search Sites that Marketers Haven't Exploited (Yet) SEW EXPERTS: VERTICAL SEARCH Earth Day and the green living movement...

  3. Federal Court Dismisses Online Travel Hotel Tax Suit

    Art Sackler, Executive Director of the Interactive Travel Services Association said, "Online travel companies work hard to bring visitors and tourism dollars to cities and hotels around the country. Since they do not manage or operate hotels...

  4. Online Travel Industry Having Tax Problems

    Obviously the travel industry is claiming increased costs will have an impact on tourism. The city uses the money to promote tourism and to pay off debt for Reliant Stadium, Toyota Center, Minute Maid Park and the Hilton Americas convention hotel".

  5. What's In Your Travel Tool Bag?

    We encourage our travel, tourism, and hospitality clients to research 'Buzz Pockets' in social communities to determine who is chattering about what and where," Weintraub said. And that's pretty much the same principle that any reputable tourism...