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  1. After Being Crushed By Google Panda, Voucher and Car Classified Sites Recover

    A travel site my agency had been working with for years had experienced a big loss in search traffic and visibility due to a Panda update. The site would collate holidays from other travel operators' sites, which inevitably meant that large...

  2. 4 Ways Developers Can Reduce Data Noise to Create Great Local Search Experiences

    Crowdsourcing local content is a way to generate content from multiple geographies and vertical industries, like restaurants and travel, but it has limitations. Additionally, crowdsourced information doesn't usually produce a wealth of detail for...

  3. Google Antitrust Deal in Works? Schmidt Meets With Key EU Regulator

    Plus, Google's attempt to buy travel software company ITA is facing additional criticism from non-profit think tank American Antitrust Institute (AAI), which released this whitepaper Friday. The companies alleging Google wrongdoing are U.K.price...

  4. Microsoft Live Search is Now Bing

    Technology from Microsoft's April 2008 acquisition of Farecast is now a central part of Bing Travel. Microsoft has created a new site describing Bing,, and the brand has a new Twitter account, @bing.

  5. SearchDay | Performance Management for SEO Teams

    Eco-Driven Travel Search Sites that Marketers Haven't Exploited (Yet) SEW EXPERTS: VERTICAL SEARCH Earth Day and the green living movement has mainly become an attempt by marketers to squeeze out every last bit of attention, traffic, and revenue...

  6. Increase Online Visibility for Sales and Links

    Many sites have groups dedicated to specific topics, such as travel, fashion, or careers. The greater your company's visibility is online, the more links your site will get. Target all kinds of sites in your vertical and places your customers would...

  7. A Guide to Search Engine Strategies New York 2009

    Following that panel is a great choice if you are in the travel vertical, but I would stick to "Search Becomes the Display OS" and see why one panelist feels that search advertising is "en route to becoming display advertising's operating principle.