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  1. 5 New Website Vulnerabilities Straight from Black Hat & DEF CON

    The details of how https and SSL are compromised can be found in this Information Week article, which noted that "all versions of the transport layer security (TLS) and secure sockets layer (SSL) protocols are vulnerable to the attack, but not...

  2. London Underground Google Doodle Celebrates 150 Years of the Tube

    The Transport for London website is embracing social media, enticing website visitors to follow them on Twitter and Like their Facebook page to discover key milestones from the history of the Tube and learn 150 facts via Facebook in honor of the...

  3. New Solar Investment Brings Google's Clean Energy Portfolio to Nearly $1B

    Government over an off-shore power line that's set to transport 7,000 megawatts of clean electricity from wind farms located off the coast. Google is investing $94 million in solar farms built by Recurrent Energy in the Sacramento, California region.

  4. 31 Top Cultural Factors to Consider for International Search

    In other countries, food, public transport, and entertainment may well be nearer the top of your list. There wasn't enough space to deal with all of the potential environmental factors worth considering, as there are quite a few, so here are some...

  5. The Decision-Making Funnel, Stage 1: Awareness

    It's an invitation to throw away your visitors' attention and transport them to another Web site. In "Landing Pages and the Decision-Making Process," I described the well-known AIDA conversion sales funnel and how it governs all Web conversions.

  6. Yahoo! Names Hastings, Nebraska Greenest City

    oneSearch: Learning more about living a greener life by conducting "eco-friendly" mobile searches ("organic food," "public transport," "recycle center," "bike," "ride share") on Yahoo! Inc. Nasdaq: YHOO) today announced that Hastings, Nebraska, has...