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Transparency Landing Page Quality

  1. PPC or SEO? The Ultimate Search Marketing Battle - SES San Francisco

    Full transparency SEO helps for AdWords Quality Score It also allows you to own the full experience, from the keyword to the message to the landing page, unlike SEO. Rand's tip of the day is to focus efforts on video SEO as you can achieve page 1...

  2. SearchDay: Delving into SearchMonkey

    Besides the implications for personal and business transparency, it looks like Google should worry about social media stealing some of its market share. Starting mid-June, landing page load time will be incorporated into your Quality Score.

  3. PR Pros Make Great Search Marketers

    The increased transparency in contextual campaigns currently allowed by the major search engines has made our job both harder and easier at the same time. At its heart, natural search is about creating great content and procuring links from quality...